What are the best UX books if you want to get started in UX? We do get this question a lot so I decided to post about it. We’ve picked these 5 because they’re perfect if you’re just starting out. So let’s unfold UX designers books for you

1. The Design of Everyday Things

“The Design of everyday things ” is the bible of human-centered design and hopefully will make you think of User Experience as more than just “digital”.

the design of everyday things

2. Don’t Make Me Think

“Don’t Make Me Think” is super fun to read – even if you’re not a designer! We had one of the CEOs of a company I used to work for read it back then, and he loved it.

Don’t make me think

3. 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People

We are adding this one to the UX list because it’s full of interesting facts that affect how we design for people – and UX is all about understanding and designing for humans!

100 things

4. About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design

This book is about Interaction design and the goal-directed design method, which is focused on people’s goals. So again, pretty useful to start taking a user-centered approach. Beginners can learn about focusing on the problems of the users, user goals, research, personas, and much more! Yes, it’s that good, and we now recommend to all of our students and men-tees.

Ux books

5. The Elements of User Experience

”The Elements of User Experience” is another great book for anyone getting started. The title is pretty self-explanatory 🙂 ⠀

the elements of user experience

So that’s it for UX Books. Explore more blogs and level up your Design skills. Thanks you so much @ux.by.ana for this amazing post for Design community.