In 2019 we’ve seen many new types of design styles and many new emerging designers in the community. Web design to smartwatch UI everything has changed in terms of design trends. Here we’ve collected the best 10 UI design trends that will increase the UI design to another level in 2020.

1.Interactive UI with Detailed Motion

Since we’ve got the great internet speed to access the digital products, The motion has become part of every UI design. In 2020 it will take an important place for designs. Interaction through the motion makes User Interface much more real.

By Haruki Murakami

2.2D / 3D Animation

By BestSevedBold

3.Skeuomorphic Design

By Pavan Suthar

4.Parallex UI Design


By Marta

6.Micro UI Interaction

By Aaron

7.Geometric Shape & Pattern

By Mike

8.Realistic UI

9.AR / VR Interface

By Aurelien

10.Isometric Design

By Walid Beno