Procreate is a very popular illustration app for iPad users. Now updated with more features on it. Recently Savage Interactive announced version Procreate 5 officially on the app store. The beta version of the app is now closed. Procreate 5 appears with new features Animation assist, custom brush creator, Photoshop brush import & Blending modes, Pattern, CMKY mode, etc.

Procreate 5 New Features

1.Animation Assist

Animation Assist

Procreate animation assist helps in creating a motion design within the app more efficiently. you can just turn it on by clicking on Action> Canvas > Animation Assist. It allows users to adjust FPS (Upto 60 Frames per second), Onion skin frames (previous frame for assist), Onion skin opacity, Blend primary frame, and color secondary frames which helps in the workflow. The designer can also watch a preview of animation in the animation assist.

2.Brush Setting & Photoshop brush Import

There is a separate screen for brush setting and drawing pad where the user can control stroke path, taper, shape, grain, rendering, wet mix, color dynamics, and many more things. Now users can import their custom photoshop brushes into Procreate.

3.Colors & Canvas

There is a new menu while creating canvas users can adjust which color profile they want to use.
CMYK is available now on newly updated procreate 5. Also, the new Harmony menu helps to pick a color. Now the colors menu is more portable. By pulling a little tab, the user can fix the menu anywhere in the whole canvas for intensive color work.

4.Save & Load selection

With this feature, users can select a path and then save it for later use. This tool is very efficient for designing.

5.Canvas Information

There are new changes in UI for canvas information.

6.Valkyrie engine

It performs on a valkyrie engine. Now it’s faster and with the help of this user can draw in 120fps, which is very smooth.

Procreate 5

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