Photography is absolutely more than a decorative element of design. If used well, it can help to communicate ideas in a much clearer way, translating this into a better experience. So In this blog we are gonna look at some tips for using photography in UI Design.

1. Using Emotion

Photography is an excellent element to express a story. When we see faces we feel identified. The key is to show emotion naturally. Instead of using common and decorative photo, take the opportunity to add human value.

2. Making them Relevant to the context

Try to tie the photography with your specific context. This helps and guides the user to understand the situation and to better explore the product.

Photography in context Clear relationship with the message that is intended to convey

3. Quality

It’s not funny, in an era of high resolution devices users don’t expect to see pixelated photographs in a good experience. Try all possible proportions and resolutions, prevent your image being cut.

4. Using Consistency

Along with the philosophy of the brand and the product, consistency at the photographic level can help to better condense the information. Try to make the photographic aesthetics similar, in structure and brightness.

5. Detail / Focus

It is about capturing the attention of the user and avoid making any confuse. Less is more, be clear and try not to add a lot of elements.

Awesome, clear and well done. No distracting elements, high impact photography.

6. Contrast

You have to take care of the contrast with respect to the rest of the design. Select colors that are well understood over the photograph without dulling it. Always keep in mind the different scenarios.

7. Harmony & Composition

Take advantage of the tones and structure of the photo to make layouts that impact and transmit. This helps to represent the language of the brand pretty well.

So that’s it for photography in User Interface Design. In this blog we have Unfolded Photography in UI design. Explore more blogs and level up your Design skills. Thanks you so much @bydanromero for this amazing post for Design community. go check him out.