In this modern era of graphic design, if you are a freelance graphics designer, having a personal logo or personal identity that represent you is the most important thing. In this blog, weave collected logo of graphic designers to inspire you.

Logo of Graphic Designers

A logo represents who they actually are, you can identify his/her word style by looking at the logo. Check these designers logo and personal branding. These designs are very beautiful. As a graphic designer, you should make an appealing logo for your client.

1. Ted Kulakevich ( Graphic Designer)

This is a image of Ted Kulakvich's personal branding

This is a personal logo (Branding) of Ted Kulakevich Graphic designer based in Sarasota FL. If you look at this logo closely you’ll find his name (Now look) it’s ‘T’,’E’, ‘D’.

2. Vadim Carazan (Graphic Designer)

Logo of designer Vadim Carazan

Here is a logo by Graphic designer Vadim Carazan, the logo is strong and powerful. His logo identity shows the first letter of his name ‘V’ and ‘C’. Color leaves a very strong and energetic impression.

3. Chloe (Brand Designer)

This logo represents the personal branding of Chloe. She is a graphic designer based in the US. Her logo is made by typography. The logo is representing strong side with Dark blue color and represents a soft side with Seashell color and this combination of the logo shows nice visual design.

4. Elias Salfinger (Graphic Designer)

Logo of designer Elias Salfinger

Personal logo by graphic designer Elias Salfinger. The typography shows his name. Icon of E is very clean and minimal. Combination of colors light gray (#3F3F41) and Gainsboro (#BDBDC1) makes it look elegant.

5. Ben Stafford (Graphic Designer)

Logo of graphic designer ben Stafford

This is letter ‘B’, Yes Designer Ben Stafford says “I still love using the letter ‘B’ as logo so that’s something I wanted to keep consistent in the evolution. The new mark had to be just as iconic and simple “. The logo represents his branding.

6. Adolfo Horncliff (Brand Designer)

Logo of designer Adolfo teixeira

This logo is designed by Adolfo Teixeira for Alex Horncliff. He describes himself as Bold, Bright and Energetic. For represent, Energy designer used Flash mark. Also, font represents him bold and strong.

7. Alberto Di Maria (Designer)

Designer Alerta Di Maria's personal logo / Personal Identity

Alberto Di Maria is Graphis designer based in Adelaide. He used yellow color for his logo which represents positivity, freshness, and happiness. And these capital letters ‘A’, ‘D’ and M’ made out of triangle shape. It looks very minimal.

8. Rebeka Vodrazkova (Illustrator)

Logo of graphic designer rebeka vodrazkova (Personal Identity)

Her style is unique. Rebeka Vodrazkova is a Graphic designer & photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her logo represents the name letter ‘R’ and ‘V’. Every curve is following the golden ratio made by circles. And color used in the background makes feel very calm. And blue color and text style represent strong and soft both sides.

9. Alexandra Necula (Brand Designer)

Logo of brand designer Alexandra Necula

Alexandra Necula is Brand Designer based in Europe. Her logo is made by Personal monogram and brand pattern. She represented her logo style in three backgrounds gray, soft blue and white.

10. Ludmila (Graphic Designer)

Logo of graphic designer Ludmila

Ludmila is a Graphic designer. This logo has the handwritten capital letter L. She says “When it comes to creating a visual sign to represent my personality and attitude I combine these techniques in shapes of moving waves.”

So that’s it for logo of graphic designers. hope you got some inspirations to build your personal branding or a logo. read more interesting blogs more on